Video Testimonials Vikas Vidyaniketan

Rashi Goyel from Odisha.

Saina Agarwal from Odisha.

Ishika Goyel from Odisha

Puja Agarwal from Odisha.

Varsha Agarwal from Odisha.

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Testimonials Vikas Vidyaniketan

Vikas Vidyaniketan
Sasanka Bhagabati



"Vikas is a place where we can find education ,love ,care ,fun all under one roof . To me, Vikas has been a wonderful experience and I wish good luck to all the Vikasites and a great future ahead".

Vikas Vidyaniketan
Krishnendu Sahu


2015-16 IIT- ROPAR

"Vikas Vidyaniketan is that place where for the first time I realized many truths of life. It gave me the culture and experience that has helped me to face today any situation and any place with courage and I am really proud to be a Vikasite".

Vikas Vidyaniketan


2016 AIIMS

"Vikas is a big turning point in my life.. I had never imagined that I can get a good rank in AIIMS. But my institute and my teachers made it possible. Each and everyone of my teachers have a great hand in my success. I owe it to them for simplifying the subject for us, for the extra classes to make us perfect , pushing me for more effort, making me write exams everyday and most important making me believe that I can do it".

Vikas Vidyaniketan
Himadyuthi Bhanja



"I really do not have words to tell about Vikas.To me, It was really a mix of school and home.It gave me teachers who took care of me in education and as well in personal life ."YES, VIKAS WAS MY HOME,AWAY FROM HOME."

Vikas Vidyaniketan
Ashish Patel,


2015-16 IIT-Varanasi

Vikas has been an integral part in making me a successful individual. The staff, the teachers everyone played a great role in my grooming and it is their efforts combined with mine that have proven fruitful and made me what I am today. Vikas is a great place where you can do both fun and studies simultaneously. We were never short of any fun and my friends were like my family. I have spent the best two years of my life out here and I will cherish them for years to come. The faculty is hardworking and selfless and so are the non-teaching staff. I WISH ALL THE VIKASITIES GREAT LIFE AHEAD.

Vikas Vidyaniketan
Basundhara Karki ,


2016 IIT Vellore

As a person from North East living in South India for the first time, I couldn't have possibly found a safer and more acceptable environment. I really cherish Laxmi Mam's sweet counselling, PVN Sir's English, stories and poems of literature , Suresh Sir's chemistry teachings and Venu Sir's IIP classes. Vidyalatha Mam's motherly affection and inspiration to be the best I can of myself will be kept with me forever. I fondly remember Hemchand Sir's physics, advices and quotes " Some people leave an impression in our lives" and he has left the best one in mine."

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